Burn Permits

Open Burning is allowed only *WITH A PERMIT between March 1st and November 30th each year. Allowing open burning is dependent on weather/fire conditions and may be closed for a period due to high fire danger.

There is a new burn permit system as of March 2020 Please visit gallatinburnpermits.com to obtain your burn permit.

*Any individual igniting an open burning fire without having first obtained an open burning permit is in violation of 7-33-2205 MCA, is guilty of a misdemeanor (7-33-2206) and is subject to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 6 months in the county jail or a fine not to exceed $500 or both pursuant to 46-18-212 MCA.

The following materials are PROHIBITED for open burning by Montana law (this is only a partial list, please check the statute for a complete definition ARM 17.8.604):

• Any waste which is moved from the premises where it was generated
• Food wastes
• Animal droppings
• Treated lumber
• Styrofoam
• Plastics
• Dead animals or animal parts
• Pathogenic wastes
• Hazardous wastes
• Materials resulting from salvage operations
• Automobile or aircraft bodies and interiors
• Wood and wood byproducts that have been coated, painted, stained, treated, or contaminated by a foreign material
• Insulated wire
• Oil and petroleum products
• Standing or demolished structures containing prohibited material
• Wastes generating noxious odors
• Poultry litter
• Tires
• Rubber materials
• Tar paper
• Chemicals
• Asphalt shingles
• Asbestos or asbestos-containing material
• Trade wastes
• Christmas tree waste
• Paint

Small recreational fires in controlled areas and construction heating devices do not require permits for use. Burn barrels that are a metal barrel of 55 gallons or less with a screen covering the top, and are at least 10 feet from all flammable material, may be used to burn natural vegetation only. No material may be burned in a burn barrel that is prohibited under state law (SEE LIST ABOVE).
Smoke Monitoring Unit
Burn Restrictions Link: http://smokemu.org/ (note region 8A)

Burn Bans

Almost every summer we experience a period of significant fire danger due to dryness and weather conditions. We will post on our website if a District or Countywide ban is in place.

There are two types of burn bans that may be in effect. When a County-Wide Burn Ban is enacted by the county commissioners, ALL outside burning is banned, INCLUDING burn barrels and campfires or recreational fires. This is rarely done. More frequently, a ban may be enacted by the Fire Chief of your area. Burn barrels and recreational fires are not banned during this time but it would be a lot safer for everybody if you refrained from burning anything outside during this time.

When burn bans are enacted in the National Forest lands, they can have Stage 1 or Stage 2 restrictions and when Stage 2 restrictions are in place, all fires are prohibited. Also, you may not operate a motor vehicle off a designated road or trail. Click on the link above to find out more about these levels of burning bans.